What We Do

We support medical device innovators by understanding your device, increasing your regulatory awareness, and facilitating the development of product documentation to meet regulatory expectations.

Build our understanding of and commitment to your product, mission, and plans for introduction to the market.
Develop, enhance, and optimize your approach to regulatory processes to ensure agency authorization and compliance.
Advise on effective methods for production, servicing, post-market complaint handling, and regulatory reporting.

Teaching Force Foundation

Philosophy & Purpose

We are a team of enthusiastic innovators with diverse backgrounds in education, change management, and innovation.

We believe that the quality of our children’s schools affects every aspect of their life, shaping the child’s personal destiny and the society’s capacity for creativity and economic development.

We believe that a school can never be better than the quality of its teachers.

We are passionate about helping to give (more) ownership of education to the teacher and to create within schools a culture of “Making it a little Better Together every Day.”

Our goal is to reach as many schools as possible, as quickly as possible with our method because it addresses what we believe is needed for the next step in improvement; from good to great quality of education to be delivered to students by schools across the US.

Teaching Force Services

We facilitate a 2 year program where we help teachers implement a process for working closely together, supported by school administrators, in order to improve education according to their own views, based on their own experience.

We help develop and maintain all the knowledge and skills needed within the school, in order to ensure continuous improvement of education long after our involvement ends.